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Smithsonian Design Museum, NYC, features our Dementia products in ground breaking exhibition 'ACCESS+ABILITY'

Two products for dementia, designed and manufactured in Monmouth, feature in a ground breaking exhibition 'ACCESS+ABILITY' currently showing at the Smithsonian Design Museum in New York.
Having established a worldwide presence this has now been endorsed in the United States by their inclusion in the prestigious Cooper-Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum and reviewed in the New York Times.
The player is one of 70 objects selected from around the world by the museum's curators. Whilst the 'Simple Music Player' is on show in the exhibition for 8 months it has also been selected, along with another of their products, the 'Placemat for dementia', to be made available in the museum shop.
Caroline Baumann, director of the museum, says: Cooper Hewitt is committed to accessibility in ...[Read More]

cooper hewitt smithsonian design museum cooper hewitt smithsonian shop
new york times cooper hewitt press release



All product websites are now in Spanish

E2L have recently translated all their brochure material and product websites to provide Spanish versions to its growing worldwide market. This will be combined with a trade mission to Mexico in February 2018 where key distributors will be appointed.

The sites covered are:

oso arthur recordar
luz mandel



Major Retailer features E2L dementia product

john bell and croyden

At a product launch at 'John Bell & Croyden', the flagship store for the Lloyds Pharmacy group situated in Wigmore Street, Mayfair, London, have started a dementia aisle to bring these powerful products into the general public's consciousness. Strongly featured are E2L's Simple Music Players which are providing a major part of Unforgettable's mission.
The feedback from the Unforgettable staff is extremely positive and that the player always gets the most rewarding comments from users and their friends and family.

Present at the launch were many of the major players in the Dementia world. It's the intention to roll out distribution in Lloyds and Bettercare stores over the coming months providing high street access for the general public and maximising exposure of new and novel products for dementia.

Simple Music Player Lloyds Pharmacy Bettercare Bettercare



Simple Music Player - Le Français

Our expanding markets in France and Canada needed direct language support for our Simple Music Player for Dementia. This is now available as well as the 'out of the box guide'. Many thanks to our own Cleménce Mulvert for translating the site prior to her move to Cardiff.


Visual Reinforcement Audiometry units now in full production

A system orginally developed by the Bath Institute of Medical Engineering (now called Designability), the VRA (Visual Reinforcement Audiometry) unit provides a reward mechanism for children with poor attention span whilst they have their hearing tested. Essentially the audiologist will generate a sound and ask the child to point to where they can hear it. If it's right then by pressing a button on a remote controller, a specific zone of a cabinet lights up and a toy starts to move and make a noise.
E2L have re-engineered the system so that it now uses very low power lighting and operates under a distributed low voltage system rather than mains. E2L also improved the controller to tower communication system dramatically cutting down the number of channels in multicore cabling whilst making it more robust.
After producing a manufacturing trial unit over the autumn of 2017, a batch order has now been issued with first deliveries in March 2017.


VRA Visual Reinforcement Audiometry


More Wildlife Camera Traps out for MetaTrap

Cambush Natural World

If you've been watching the nature documentary 'Planet Earth' on BBC TV recently amongst the many wonderful images is footage of Bears in Canada, and the grassland Tigers and Elephants in Sumatra. These were filmed using Camera traps, designed by Metatrap of Lydney and built by ourselves.
The units consist of two sets of infra-red beam breakers with a low power radio link to a master cabinet (the 'trap') housing the video camera. The trap has addiitonal intelligence to discriminate between the sizes of animal, if its day or night, and its own proximity sensors for triggering filming.
This is a highly successful system and is seeing an expanding profile.



#Arthursadventures with the Forget-me-not Chorus

Arthur (Welsh for 'Bear') is about to start a short tour around a series of dementia choirs based in South Wales. The Forget-me-not Chorus is an initiative from the Welsh National Opera to engage local communities in supporting people with dementia by running a regular singing workshop. 'Arthur' is a natural extension of our Simple Music Player for Dementia and has been somewhat adopted as a mascot.
He's due to be on tour in the New Year #Arthursadventures


Arthur musical bear for dementia


E2L at MEDICA and RehaCare, Dusseldorf

Growing interest throughout Europe, particularly in our current range of Dementia products has prompted visits to two major exhibitions and conferences, both in Dusseldorf, Germany. In September we were at RehaCare which occupies 7 halls at the Dusseldorf Messe making it Europe's largest assisted living exhibition. This was followed in November by our regular attendance at MEDICA, Europe's largest medical technology exhibition, where there was a strong Welsh presence organised around their life-sciences hub.


'Arthur' musical bear for dementia released

Collaboration with our USA based wholesaler,, who have particular expertise in the application of doll therapy in dementia focussed nursing homes, we have combined the benefits of our Simple Music Player with a custom built teddy bear, Arthur (Welsh for 'Bear'), available from our online store.
Arthur's dedicated website


Arthur musical bear for dementia


Another task for 'Cambush' filming Tigers in Sumatra

We reported on a new project building camera traps for filming bears in Canada on the 02/06/14 (see below). After successful trials, MetaFilms Ltd have made some modifications for some new cameras and ordered a further batch of 6 systems due to go off to Sumatra by the end of May, to make a wildlife film on the Tigers there.



'MegaBee' has major inroads into ACE centres around the UK

MegaBee communication tool sarah ezekiel

A sudden rise in MegaBee sales (our hand-held electronic communication frame) is due to many ACE assessment centres around the UK recognising the device offers unique, affordable and accessible facilities to many people with MND, ALS, MS, CP, stroke and similar related challenges. Whilst much of the professional eye-gaze manufacturing community has received difficult competition from many new Apps on hand-held tablets, MegaBee's unique niche design has remained a firm favourite for rapid, calibration free communication for people who cannot speak or write legibly.
For more details please access our dedicated website



'Simple Music Player for dementia' - major USA wholeseller deal signed

After our first year trading of our Simple Music Player for Dementia, we are pleased to appoint a sole wholesaler for importing the product, Healthcare Products LLC. This will streamline stateside supply as well as optimise the transportation costs. Our exisiting distribution network should also benefit by having warehouse facilities in the same country.
The first shipment of music players is ready for its first sea voyage, and our agreement covers similar supply every month.

platzmat dementia place mat



'Platzmat' helping women with dementia product launch

Platzmat™ - A non-slip table-setting place mat for people with Dementia is a simple technology which enables many to engage with their immediate community and find some self-worth and satisfaction through doing worthwhille activity. Setting the table is a task which is low risk and yet engages with the homebuilding instinct, so strong in many women with Dementia.
The first batch of product has now arrived and is available via our online store and through various distributors throughout the world.
For more details please access our dedicated website Platzmat

platzmat dementia place mat



E2L receives Building Better Healthcare Award

Building Better Health care

A big thanks to Jon Wilks for collecting our trophy at the Building Better Healthcare Awards (Furniture Category). We are very pleased for the recognition that this is far more than just a piece of furniture; it is a means to assist many people, particularly the elderly, who have such difficulties in sleeping at night due to anxiety. The ensuing sleep deprivation impacts in all aspects of daily life, and the improvement this can make to a night's rest is invaluable.
For more details please access our dedicated website



Time delay switchgear relay project

The huge investment in Electrical Switchgear is sometimes a burden to itself. Whilst 'built to last', there are many ancilliary components which have become obsolete and present significant problems to supporting and servicing these major items of plant.
One such incident recently occurred with 'Switchgear Support Ltd' of Monmouth where they needed a series of time delay relays to accurately control and trip conditions, and the original manufacturer has long since disappeared. E2L were brought in to design a new module which had some design enhancements over the original units.
The whole project has been completed within 4 weeks and provided 3 switchgear contactors with hopefully another 30 years of operation.


switchgear support


Crowdfunding campaign for 'Platzmat' launched

Please help if you can - The purpose of this project is to encourage continuing engagement, particularly of a large proportion of women, by enabling them to set the table whilst providing clues to aid the failing memory. This is achieved by producing a non-slip place mat which has high contrast pictograms of where the plates, cups, and cutlery go, providing both a guide as to how to lay the table properly and to maintain an active and worthwhile activity for the person with dementia.


Blys wins the Building Better Healthcare Award for Furniture

Award for Best Furniture Product ... and the winner is ... E2L Products for the Blys Nightlight for the elderly
A gala evening on the 4th November saw 620 guests pack The Brewery in central London for the 17th annual Building Better Healthcare Awards. In total, 28 trophies were handed out, along with highly commended certificates, recognising the products, environments, services and people who keep the health service operating effectively and efficiently.
Prizes were presented by celebrity host, Gethin Jones, in four classes - Building Design, Estates and Facilities Management, Patient Experience, and Products.

Nightlight for the elderly


Affordable Arthroscope Practice Simulator

Collaboration with an NHS Registrar working in orthopaedics identified a need for an affordable simulator for improving arthroscopic practice. The training challenge is to interpret the camera information (which is at 30 degrees from orthogonal) as you manipulate other tools. By integrating a small borescope USB camera, the new simulator, 'Arthroscype', can interface to any PC or android tablet or phone with OTG support. The simulator rotates about the camera axis, and the USB camera feed comes out of one of the fluid pressure feeds.
Usually the cost of simulators is prohibitively expensive but here is a device that is affordable for the clinician themselves, and provides ready access even away from the simulator lab.

Arthroscope simulator for affordable practice



Development of a Milk Testing Instrument for Field Trials

E2L have just completed the development of an instrument for testing unpasturized milk in order to ascertain both the quality of the milk, and as a vetinary diagnostic tool. The project involved combining biochemical and electronic skills and undertaking significant research to produce algorithms for evaluating the reactions.
Units have now been produced ready for further field trials.



Mark 2 Simple Music Player for Dementia now in full production

Customer feedback and design reviews over the past six months has resulted in a new version of our 'Simple Music Player for Dementia'. Essentially the look and feel of the player is just the same but the process of loading tunes has been made simpler. Tunes can now be uploaded via a USB cable instead of Bluetooth, so simple 'drag and drop' operations work. By transferring to USB then the Simple music player is also compatible with Apple, Windows and Linux operating systems. We have also broadened the types of file you can upload beyond just MP3.
A few other enhancements have been made such as preserving the volume level at power down, and making the unit more immune to supply voltage variations. Full details can be found at



User video sent in from Canada for Simple Music Player

A Canadian customer has kindly sent in a video of his 96 year old father listening to his new 'Simple Music Player for Dementia'. Great to hear him remembering fond memories whilst listening to the very apt "You can't take that away from me" - you certainly can't.



Preliminary trials for 'TrachyTube' at UHW

An intial trial batch of tracheostomy tube support harnesses are being evaulated in Cardiff and Vale Health Board in ITU at UHW, HDU in Llandough, and with several outpatients who are permanently ventilated. The device is a simple but effective solution which presents a tracheostomy tube to the stoma, and allows the patient to route the tube according to their personal preferences.

new harness for supporting permanently ventialted patients The intent of the harness is to enable people with permanent ventilation to live much more mobile lives, and alleviate the pain issues due to tube movement when undertaking simple tasks such as being a passenger in a car.



Major audio distributor, Richer Sounds, supporting our Simple Music Player for Dementia

As a philanthropic gesture, the highly successful distributor of audio equipment, Richer Sounds, have kindly included links to our Simple Music Player for Dementia on their own online store.
We are extremely grateful for the inclusion in their profile and see their support as a most generous endorsement, recognising the advantages of providing this valuable benefit to people with dementia
Their product pages are at

Richer Sounds carry Simple Music Player



New Catheter holder for Operating Theatres

Often the simplest things are overlooked. Theatre staff at University Hospital Wales (UHW) identified a need to conveniently hold catheters in readiness for fitting. A choice of catheter presented free from damage and easily selectable is a great benefit for the clinicians. They have been designed to fit in existing 'VacSax' suction canister holders which clip onto standard equipment rails. The holds are clear plastic and have three sections for different types. Drain holes have been included to avoid any accidental liquid collection.
E2L Products have just received an initial order for 40 to supply all the theatres in Cardiff and Vale Health Board.

Catheter holder for operating theatres



E2L feature in MEDIWALES awards, ’NHS Judges Award’ category

For the third year in succession E2L have featured in the MediWales Innovation Awards due to their collaboration philosophy with the NHS. At a gala presentation at the Nation Musuem of Wales earlier in December, the special ’Judges’ category was awarded to Cardiff and Vale University Health Board. The team was led by John Maisey from the Department of Clinical Engineering, UHW, and comprised of Alice Richards and Martyn Davies of the HDU based in Llandough Hospital, Cardiff. E2L have been the industrial collaborating partners to commercialise the concept prototype of a new tracheostomy support harness. E2L Products have been involved with design for manufacture and production and are looking for field trials in January 2015.

L Owen M Thompson L Owen M Thompson L Owen M Thompson

[Read More]



’Blys’ elder care nightlight features at MEDICA, Dusseldorf

HillRom at MEDICA

A custom version of the ’Blys’ nightlight for the elderly is to featured at the MEDICA exhibition in Dusseldorf, Germany, next week, by international hospital furniture suppliers, Hill-Rom. Negotiations during the year has resulted in a special version of the ’Blys’ nightlight being developed which differs both in colour and has an extra touch panel on opposing sides.
The silver/grey version is integrated into their new range of bedside furniture offering an illuminated surface for locating objects and a nightlight to reduce anxiety
The ’Blys’ website has also been updated showing the effectiveness of the nighlight in a bedroom environment:

Hill-Rom version of Blys nightlight for the elderly at MEDICA Hill-Rom are a major world player in this market and ’Blys’ will feature in their Dementia Room.



Simple Music Player for Dementia now in full production

dementia music available in three colours

The ’Simple Music Player’ for Dementia is now in full production at our Monmouth based manufacturing facility. The Player is seen as a fairly unique product as it is one of those few gifts available for those with dementia, that can benefit their mental health. The cognitive and restorative qualities of playing music from a persons earlier years are widely recognised and are the basis for developing this product.
Two production techniques are being used to produce the variations in finish: Injection moulding for the Red and Green models, and a vacuum forming procedure with a specialist metal foil to produce the burr-walnut effect.
The ’Simple Music Player’ has been completely re-written and can be viewed at

simple music player website simple music player facebook Click on the images and checkout all the details and current news on our dedicated product website and Facebook page.



Quadriplegic self-emptying urine bag concept phase complete

Concept designConcept designConcept designConcept design

The concept evaluation stage for a novel valve which enables quadriplegics to empty their own urine bag has been completed. Initial work involved laboratory testing a series of goemetries and materials to develop a light, low release force yet isolated vacuum valve, to allow evacuation of a limb mounted urine bag without the interaction of a second person.

Initial concept prototype The pictures shows a prototype valve chamber which consists of two halves of a labyrinth with a membrane stretched between the joints to effect a seal. This is released by a light vacuum caused by sucking on a third isolated tube.

flowconcept sideflowconcept front

The device is intended to promte self-dignity and provide a level of independance helping the user and their carers alike.



MegaBee communicator for MND/ALS/MS/CP now available in Czech language version

Working in conjunction with SAAK (Spolecnost pro augmentativni a alternativni komunikaci o.p.s.) in Prague and Logan Technologies here in the UK, a Czech Language version of MegaBee electronic writing tablet, for those who cannot speak or write legibly, has been developed.

Producing a Eastern European language version of the popular augmentative communication aid opens the gateway to vesions in all the slavic language groups such as Polish, Slovakian, Bosnian, etc.

Full details can be found at



E2L Products Limited Recruitment Day - sign up for July 11th!

Recruiting Production Operatives for a New Assembly Unit in Monmouth. Positions Available:

  • Light Mechanical Assembly Operatives
  • Experience in soldering preferred, but training also supplied
  • Product Packaging and Dispatch Operatives
  • Job share and flexible working hours can be discussed around family/dependent requirements for permanent contracts only
  • Temporary positions available for University students
For more information:
Please join us at our recruitment day on Friday the 11th of July between 10am – 12pm.



First production batch of 'Cambush' for filming Canadian grizzly bears

The first production batch of 'Cambush' broadcast quality camera traps have been released for Metafilms Ltd. 10 sets of traps, each comprising of a camera controller and two ultra-violet beams with wireless communication have been produced against extremely tight deadlines. The units are to be used shooting a documentary on grizzly bears in a remote area to the north of Calgary, Canada. Part of the specification was to ensure the product was as 'bear proof' as possible; this required making all antennae internal to the enclosures and developing rugged tree mountings. The 'Cambush' product has been designed by Nick Guy, Director of Metafilms and E2L Products have been involved with design for manufacture and production.

Gizzly bear trapCambush camera trap



Quadriplegic self-emptying urine bag licence agreement signed

A new device-for-dignity in the form of a self-emptying urine bag is being developed under licence by E2L. The device provides anyone who is quadriplegic, with the indepdendence to go out of the house (or be left alone) for more than about two hours due to their urine bag filling up. Instead the user can position themselves over a drain, kerbside or convenient site and evacuate the contents by means of a breath operated release valve.
The originator of the idea, Toby Veall, developed a proof of principle prototype for a friend of his, that he met whilst recovering in a spinal trauma unit at Oswestry Hospital. He was then introduced to E2L to commercialise and exploit the product.



New Crowdfunder push for Adaptive Snowboard product

Indiegogo, a crowdfunding organisation, have been chosen as the platform to launch our Adaptive Virtual Snowboard bid.
The board was specifically designed to assist people with lower limb damage, particularly the military, by making rehabilitation enjoyable and competitive. However, its response has been that popular that there seems to be a large group of potential 'home gamers' and those snowboarders who like to keep their balance and fitness levels tuned, when they're not on the slopes.

Adaptive Virtual Snowboarding



ISO9001 accreditation for E2L's new Monmouth manufacturing operation

Inspection and audit of our quality systems by British Standards Institute has resulted in a fast-track accreditation for the new manufacturing operation based at Singleton Court, Monmouth.
This new facility was set-up in readiness primarily for the introduction of the Blys Lamp, Simple Music Player and a range of new products to be introduced throughout 2014.



European Design Registration for a new tracheostomy tube support for UHW

A novel textile support for those with longer-term or permanent tracheostomies has been developed by the Department of Clinical Engineering at the Heath Hospital, Cardiff. The device enables users to be mobile without disturbing the tube and reducing the pain associated with accidentally moving the tube.
E2L have been commissioned to assess and verify the design and then submit the product for European Design Registration.



New production and distribution facility for E2L Products Ltd

Singleton Court Monmouth

As the company is launching four new products this year, additional capacity for final assembly, test and distribution is required. E2L Products have relocated this aspect of the business to Singleton Court in Monmouth and are due to BS9001 inspection at the end of the month.
The move to Singleton Court enables quality production of their Blys lighting unit, Simple Music Player for Dementia, Endoscope Simulator, and Adaptive Snowboard products.

E2L Offices White Swan Court Monmouth The design office (E2L Limited) and specialist production functions remain in the pleasant envronment of White Swan Court, Monmouth. The expansion into Singleton Court should generate between 5 and 10 jobs over the next year.



Innovative floor heater

Specific Innovation Specific Innovation, based at Baglan Enterprise Park, and part of the Environmental Energy Technium, commissioned E2L to develop a controller for their innovative underfloor heating panels.


Using printing technology to apply resistive elements to the panels, and insulation materials to the underside to ensure the energy is converted to heat at the front face, a controller was developed to provide constant energy output. There are multiple benefits of heating floor tiles instead of air in a room. The project is another example of Tata Steel's commitment to collaborative innovation with Swansea Innovation Ltd.



MediWales Innovation Awards feature E2L's collaboration with the NHS for second successive year

Every year the MEDIWALES Innovation Awards showcase outstanding achievement in the Welsh Healthcare Industry and this year's ceremony was held on Tuesday, 10th December in the Great Hall of the National Museum, Cardiff.

The award this year was for an endoscope training device; this enables clinicians to learn, and sustain through practice, the essential steering skills when conducting investigations into the oesophagus, lungs or stomach ...

Abertawe health board

[Read More]



MegaBee now available in Greek

At the request of Spauling Rehabilitation Centre in Boston, USA, a Greek version of MegaBee has been produced for a specific client. Despite being resident in the USA, cognizant challenges required an AAC device which communicated in the client's mother tongue and alphabet. The special version has a full Greek character set and has been developed rapidly to fill this request. It is supplied as a standalone unit without PC access.

Checkout the dedicated site at



'Blys' nightlight or display platform

Blys™ is a sleek, modern light source which can be used as a nightlight or as a display platform for food, art, technology, photographs, or anything your imagination can muster. It is controlled by means of a touch panel.

We are currently taking forward orders using 'Kickstarter' crowd funding site


BLYS lighting tablet


Simple Music Player for dementia - campaign on Indiegogo

Reaction from the market has been very positive so we have launched the Simple music player on the crowd funding platform 'Indiegogo':

Dementia support Australia: "Brilliant! :)"
Dementia Services Group: "Looks great! We need simple ways for people to use technology!"
Dementia & Alzheimer's Group: "Thank you, what a good idea."
Dementia Friends: "Tend not to advertise, but this is a good and worthwhile product"
Dementia Care Professionals of America (DCPA): "Thank you for sharing!"
Dementia Care Tasmania: "Thank you very much for sharing :)"
Challenging Dementia: "This is great - I'll put a link to it on my website when I update it next as I've got a section on resources."
Dementia Information: "Thanks for sharing, will pass it on :-)"


Simple Music Player GreenSimple Music Player Green



Simple Music Player for dementia

Dementia research has been undertaken by the Bath Institute of Medical Engineering (BIME) which indicates the benefits of providing people with dementia with music they enjoy. Verbal communication is often difficult due to short term memory loss but improving the quality of life at home, and avoiding institutional structures, is greatly enhanced by providing music from earlier years. The problem being that many with early stage dementia find controls difficult to remember or manipulate.

E2L have developed a 'Simple Music Player' which is operated by lifting its lid, which automatically switches it on, and plays a tune. If a new tune is required then there is a single BIG button to skip to the next track. The volume is set by friends, family, or carers, and isn't easy to accidentally change. Similarly the tunes are selected and downloaded via a USB port


Simple Music Player Video


Kindle e-reader page turner for people with poor dexterity

Kindle e-readers are great for older people or those with poor eyesight but the buttons are awkward. We tried our prototype at a local hospital they all want one!

kindle page turner

To get this project off the ground we have decided to use crowd funding so please read the full story at, and get involved if you can to make this happen.

kindle page turner



New Zealand distribution for MegaBee

We are pleased to welcome DTSL as our New Zealand distribution company for our range of AAC products. Catherine Brill and the team at Palmerston North will be supplying and supporting MegaBee our flagship AAC product, for both North and South Islands. Full contact details are available from the DTSL website.]



Easy Vein Access (EVA) prototype for trials at Aneurin Bevan Health Board

A new prototype device for assisting cannulation efficiency by making a patient's veins be more pronounced has been developed in conjunction with the Aneurin Bevan Health Board

Cannulation is difficult with various groups of patients with particular conditions such as post-chemotherapy, drug use, and obesity.

Less obvious groups are people with darker skins, and those with needle-stick phobia. Some 50% of all cannulations on wards fail at the first attempt.

EVA sleeve

The protoype is to evaluate the method and consists of a custom heater/blower and a specially made sleeve of breathable material.

EVA vein cannulation



Symbolic FAB in ABM UHLB study for learning disabilities

Working closely over the past year with the Speech and Language Service of the ABMU Health Board Directorate of Learning Disabilities, has resulted in a trial study to evaluate the effectiveness of symbolic 'alphabet boards' when used with people with learning difficulties. The project, headed by Communication Development Officer, Maggie Higgins, utilises a customised variant of E2L's FAB alphabet boards which presents symbols to represent common needs for the target group.

The study is due to start in September 2013 and includes Cardiff and Swansea. The 'Symbolic FAB' should become a commercial product and will be used in other areas such as accident and emergency, care homes, clinical needs on wards, ambulances, etc.


Symbolic FAB


Android App for Endoscope Simulator

In joint collaboration with Swansea University, E2L are developing a simulator for endoscope training which allows students to safely practice and improve their steering techniques. To enhance the human interface an App has been developed for Android so that the 'ScopeSim' can be connected via its Bluetooth link and performances can be displayed and logged.

ScopeSim ScopeSim ScopeSim ScopeSim ScopeSim



"Innovation and Teams" Conference

E2L are exhibiting at the Aneurin Bevan Health Board 4th Annual R&D Conference in Newport on Thursday 27th June where they will be displaying a series of products developed under joint collaboration agreements with the NHS.



Research agreement with University of Glamorgan for Adaptive Virtual Snowboard (AVS)

Recent collaborative discussions with the Clinical Technology and Diagnostic Research unit, Chiropractic Division has resulted in a joint research project as to the effectiveness of the Adaptive Virtual Snowboard (AVS) when applied to a specific group of elite altheletes who are more focussed upon strength than poise; namely Rugby players.

The AVS offers a unique opportunity to compare the effectiveness of core balance development and enthusiasm for the method of exercise when compared to other methods such as wobble boards and Tai Chi.

[Go to dedicated website]



Huge response in education to Whatz-it movable rating scale

Take up for the new Whatz-it movable rating scale, introduced in the last week of March has been enormous prompting immediate re-ordering of production after only three days.

Whilst the unit is primarily aimed at pain indication for people with autism, the special education sector is finding it a major solution to their increasing need to determine the outcomes of individual's responses to lessons.

In the USA there is a federal requirement for all hospital admissions and discharges to be quantified and Whatz-it is providing one of the few solutions. Already its being trialled by the Boston Children's Hospital



Android App now available for MegaBee

E2L have launched their display App for all android devices which have bluetooth capability and operating systems of 3.0 or higher

android logo The MegaBee communicator enables people to communicate using eye movement, and has always had the capability to display its output on a computer screen if required. This handy App allows linkage to any android tablet or phone to share the converstaion between several people, not just a one-to-one. Different font sizes can be selected and an easy to use Bluetooth search and link facility is provided. The App is available on the Google Play App store




‘ICE’ a pressurised cooling research tool

Swansea University has a strong commitment to innovative research and have a patent protected technique for handling the freezing of pressurised liquids.

E2L were commissioned to work on an existing research tool to improve the thermal efficiency performance and make the system ready for presentation to major investors.


[Read More]




Endoscopy Training Simulator - a collaboration between Swansea Innovations, ABMU and E2L

A new simulator is to be developed by E2L based on concept studies undertaken by Swansea University. There is strong academic evidence to suggest that a little practice goes a long way to improving steering accuracy for endoscopy; a similar concept to taking a few practice swings on the driving range before going out on the course.

E2L has been nominated to develop the simulator through to production and marketing.



Adaptive Virtual Snowboard improves physiotherapy

To overcome the boredom of physiotherapy when using 'wobble boards' for lower limb injuries, E2L in conjunction with Genuine Innovation Ltd, a spinout company form Swansea University, has developed an interactive video snowboard.

adaptive virtual snowboard

The adaptive virtual snowboard (AVS) allows users to play video games on commercial games consoles, such as Nintendo Wii, and engage more enthusiastically with their own recovery program. A special curved board provides the necessary degree of instability and remote wireless control allows good postural practice.

[Go to dedicated website]



MediWales Innovation Awards feature E2L

The MediWales Innovation Awards celebrate the fantastic achievements of life science companies and individuals from the NHS in Wales.

The NHS partnership with Industry Award went to Aneurin Bevan Health Board's Intellectual Property Group for their collaboration with Monmouth based E2L design consultancy to produce the 'Easy Vein Access' medical ...

aneurin bevan health board

[Read More]



Turkish distribution deal signed for E2L's healthcare products

Avrasya Asansor company, in readiness for the EyafExpo 2012 has signed a distribution deal for several of E2L's healthcare products. Turkey represents a growing market in this sector and recent government targets for support make Avrasya Asansor well placed to become significant in AAC and autism support.

Turkish manual

"Products such as these have been long overdue in the Turkish market and being based in Istanbul we can reach the majority of users in the country rapidly and effectively" says Sinan Divarci, Managing Director



Two new collaborative agreements for medical rehabilitation and assessment

E2L have recently entered into two agreements for medical device development. Stabat Ltd, a spin-out company from Abertawe Bro Morgannwg University Health Board, have licenced a balance board concept for post-anaesthesic assessement of sway stability.

An licencing agreement with Genuine Innovation Ltd is for the development of a novel new interactive video device to assist in the rehabilitation of lower limbs, making the use of balance boards entertaining and competitive, enabling patients to become enthusiastic about their exercise regimes.



Burn hydration calculator for determining fluid resuscitation requirements

Working in joint collaboration with the Dept. of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care, Morriston Hospital, Welsh Centre for Burns, Swansea, E2L have developed a dedicated calculator for burns hydration calculation.

Whilst protocols such as 'PARKLAND' and 'MUIR & BARCLAY' for defining hydration rates have been with us for several years the new device has the unique ability to ...

[Read More]

Opening screen of the fluid resuscitation PARKLAND calculator Swansea hospital burns calculator total body surface area burn screen



A novel pain indicator for autistic children

The communication of ’how much’ has been a long established problem and of special concern if a child with autistic spectrum disorder is in a strange environment, such as a hospital. Pain, in particular, is an extremely awkward comparative concept for an autistic child ...

[Read More]

Whatz-it pain indicator Moving the sliding indicator on Whatz-it magnetic tabs from Widgit on the Whatz-it pain indicator



SMART Cymru Award gained for new orthopaedic rehabilitation device

Two new post-operative orthopaedic rehabilitation products are currently under development by E2L's engineers. Both are concerned with improving the recuperation rate during specific stages of post-operative exercise.

By applying contemporary technology such as energy harvesting, nanotechnology machining and cutting edge ergonomic design, training aids for both the initial steps or the 'walking on eggsheels' phase, and post recovery 'psychosomatic limp' conditions have attracted support from the Welsh Assembly Government in the form of a SMART Cymru award.

E2L would welcome the inputs from OTs, Orthopaedic Nurses or Physiotherapists interested in getting involved in this area of development [Email us]



Camera trap design for Meta Films

Extreme environment filming specialists, Meta Films, who create travel guides, film documentaries, cover sporting events, and wildlife shoots in the most rugged of situations, have commissioned E2L to develop their prototype camera trap into a production ready unit.

Its not often that the specification includes "bear and walrus proof" but the type of remote locations that this equipment is destined for ...

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E2L launches its Solidworks CAD Bureau service

E2L launch their comprehensive computer aided design bureau service including 3D modelling and detailing, drawing and file conversions, legacy drawing updates, 2D and 3D CAD modelling, part creation, and library development.

Establishment of the bureau is a natural extension of our product design activities specialising in technology and medical products

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Bespoke constant current supply for biopharm diagnostics equipment

A bespoke product has been developed by E2L to enable Ensinger Precision Engineering to supply a highly accurate constant current supply for use in pharmaceutical diagnostics. The project came about by chance...

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Major focus for MegaBee in Latin America

Barcelona based B&J Adaptciones have launched a major marketing initiative to place MegaBee communication tablets thoroughout Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Argentina and Chile. B&J have an impressive record of expanding new markets with their fresh approach to AAC education and placement. "When the company started in Spain ten years ago, the assistive technology market here was practically non-existing. This market has been growing year after year, and our company has become the leading supplier in the assistive technology sector in Spain" say B&J’s Marketing Manager, Paula Estrada.



E2L Products - January's MediWales Featured Member

MEDIWALES is the Welsh Life Sciences Forum - the networking and representative body for the sector have featured E2L Products in their January edition.

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Head Acute Dysphasia Screen for Stroke (HeADSS)

A collaboration with Cwm Taf Health Board has resulted in a software screening application for swallowing difficulties for acute stroke patients. In December 2011 the work of Dr Kathryn Head, Clinical Lead and Speech and Language Therapist, received recognition by receiving MEDIWALES NHS Judges’ Award. Dysphagia - difficulty in swallowing - affects up to 78% of stroke patients and a bedside dysphagia screening process was required for improving patient safety. E2L have implemented the screening process as a standalone application for consistent assessing and recording acute stroke patient’s capacity to swallow.

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E2L launches its 'Bristol Urodynamics Trainer'

In conjunction with Bristol Urology Institute, E2L have developed a brand-independant urodynamics machine simulator. Urodynamics is an invasive test of the bladder’s ability to generate pressure. Training students with patients connected via catheters (in rectum and bladder) requires high levels of supervision and long clinic times. Availability of urodynamics diagnostic equipment is primarily for patient care, and capacity for training is minimised. The Bristol Urodynamics Trainer offers a low cost simulator which allows dedicated training and practice, free from any time constraints, or demands on using essential equipment.

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E2L achieves ISO9001:2008 Certification for its Design Business

On 17th January 2011 the British Standards Institution has audited E2L's Quality Management Systems and certified them as conforming with the requirements of BSI9001:2008 for "The provision of consultancy and design services for electronic and mechanical products".

It is especially difficult to attain such certification for such a fluid environment as design, but their increasing involvement with the medical sector and constant striving for consistent, accountable, supportable products has been duly afformed. ISO9001 certification confirms E2L's dedication to good design practice. [Click here for a copy of the certificate]




MICROCHIP showcase E2L designs at Electronica 2010

MICROCHIP, world leader in embedded microcontroller technology have used designs by E2L in their product showcase at Electronica 2010. The display illustrated new products and technologies being addressed by MICROCHIP in conjunction with their design partners. Their next major showcase event will be in Nurnberg in March 2011 when similar products will be on display.

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Symbolic MegaBee is Launched

The Assistive Communication device, MegaBee, for people who cannot move, has now incorporated a symbolic mode. If the user has cognitive problems, low literacy skills or is a young child with disabilities the use of pictures presents a major leap forward in improving their communication. An overview,'Megabee - using symbols' is available. The requirement for a symbolic version has become an increasing requirement, particularly from the USA, for children's hospitals and universities concerned with child literacy.



MICROCHIP and E2L affirm their Design Partner Agreement

E2L have been approved design consultants for MICROCHIP since 1999. In the UK, MICROCHIP have been carefully auditing their formal agreements and endorsements and E2L are, for the eleventh year, fully signed up 'European Design Partners'. In addition Microchip are using E2L's MegaBee as a product example at exhibitions throughout the world. "We have always been proud to be associated with such an outstanding company, and look forward to another successful decade" said Lyndon Owen, MD, E2L.



Welsh Assembly Government support for autoclave device

E2L are currently developing a device which automatically logs the number of autoclave cycles a reusable medical component can undergo before voiding its warranty period. Continual autoclaving causes products, especially when made from silicon-rubber, such as Laryngeal masks and diathermal leads, ...".



United States Patent for MegaBee

The United States Department of Commerce, Patent and Trademarks Office have now published our patent application for an "Electronic eye-pointing assisted alternative and augmented communications device". The claims can be examined at the online service for the US Patent Office. Publication number US-2010-0007507-A1 was issued on 01/14/2010.



Logan Technologies take on MegaBee and FAB for UK distribution

Newly formed Logan Technologies Ltd, headed by Sandra Hartley, is part of the US company which manufactures the 'Proxtalker'. The Proxtalker was developed to "bridge the gap" between non-verbal picture exchange and dynamic screen devices, for non-verbal clients, particularly for autism. ...

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FAB the Frenchay Alphabet Board is launched

An E2L and NHS joint venture product, the Frenchay Alphabet Board (FAB) is released. It allows people who have difficulty talking and pointing accurately to greatly enhance their communication by providing a positive locating, non-slip, washable alphabet board ...

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Licensed development and distribution agreement with UK's National Health Service;

A joint agreement has been established between E2L and Frenchay National Health Trust to develop a positive locating, non-slip, washable alphabet board. Known as FAB (Frenchay Alphabet Board) the new design offers significant improvements to ..

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Increased worldwide interest in MEGABEE;

Recent visit to ATIA in Florida has caused major interest in the USA and a regional distribution network is currently being established. The enthusiastic response has also secured distribution agreements in France, Australia, New Zealand and SE Asia. ..

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LANDMARKA now includes 865-868MHz;

Our LANDMARKA range now covers the 867MHz band as well as the 433MHz and 458MHz low power telemetry bands. Customer requests fuelled the need to accommodate these alternative frequencies due to the increasing use of temporary traffic lights...

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MEGABEE™ - also available in black

Some MegaBee™ users have been keen to have their own personalized colour schemes for the body of the unit. Different colours for the moulding are impractical as we need to produce 2.5 tonnes of cases for any one colour of plastic - thats a lot of MegaBees. However, to ...

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Netherland's market leader sign-up MegaBee™

MegaBee™ continues its acceptance as a unique communication aid throughout Europe as Holland based rdgKompagne sign-up for distribution..

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Liberator sign UK distributorship for MegaBee™

Liberator Ltd a world-leading supplier of disability communication products has signed an exclusive agreement to distribute MegaBee™ eye-transfer frame throughout the UK..

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E2L Products online store opens

E2L Products has rolled out its online store and all its standard products are now available through e-commerce.

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IMSAB Alarm panels now available from E2L

E2L are pleased to announce that it is now a distributor for the Swedish alarm panel supplier IMSAB.

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MegaBee launched in the Swedish market

The highly focussed ‘ID dagarna’ exhibition for assistive communications held by Hjälpmedelinstitutet at ‘FACTORY’, Nacka Strand, Stockholm was the perfect platform for introducing ‘MegaBee’ hand-held writing tablet to the Swedish market.

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‘Landmarka’ radio telemetry system in Brno, Czech Republic.

The MSV 2007 exhibition at Brno, Czech Republic was chosen as the launch pad for E2L’s new telemetry product ‘LANDMARKA’.

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‘MegaBee’ in Germany

MegaBee hand-held electronic writing tablet has been demonstrated around Germany with key players in the AAC market.

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RiteLite Systems appointed UK distributor for ULTRASCAN Spark Detectors and Partial Discharge Monitors

We’re happy to announce a dealership agreement with RiteLite Systems, Stamford, Lincolnshire for our ULTRASCAN partial discharge, corona, and spark detection systems and monitors.

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Linjedon AB get bigger and better at ELFACK, Goteborg, Sweden.

ELFACK is a biennial exhibition held at Göteborg, Sweden, providing the largest meeting place for the Nordic electrical sector.

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Green Ventures in Leipzig

The ‘Green Ventures’ International Partnership Forum for energy and environmental technology companies was attended by Lyndon Owen of E2L

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ENERGYNET Wales in Cardiff was launched with E2L as one of the original member companies.

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Maurice Thompson joins E2L Products as Technical Director

We are very pleased to announce the appointment of Maurice Thompson in the role of Technical Director for E2L Products Limited.

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Czech Agent appointed for ULTRASCAN Spark & Leak Detection

Pavel Fukač is our man in the Czech Republic and he brings with him a wealth of electrical maintenance support experience to our new agents, Bohemia Müller.

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Carbon Trust accepts ULTRASCAN on the Environmental Technologies List.

The Carbon Trust is a UK government initiative which aims to help industry decrease its carbon emissions.

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E2L achieves highest Welsh Innovation Award

Monmouth based electronic product designers, E2L, received recognition as an Ambassador for Innovation in Wales.

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Dr Who lands at E2L Offices

The directors of the cult science fiction series, Dr Who, currently being filmed by BBC Wales and due for release in 2005, chose the E2L offices as the perfect location for the time-lord to arrive and depart in his Tardis.

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Simplicity philosophy for Dansk NDT Forening

Innovation in environmental monitoring technology by Monmouth based engineering design consultancy, E2L Limited, is receiving increasing international recognition.

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SMART award for E2L

E2L were declared as 2002 winners of the National Assembly for Wales SMART awards for innovation at Llangaron Hall, near Brecon, Wales.

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Intellimetrics symposium at Zurich, Switzerland

E2L’s attends the Intellimetrics symposium in Zurich, Switzerland.

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