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Manuals and code can be freely downloaded and distributed. However, all material remains the property of E2L Holdings Limited or its subsidiaries.


J369 “MegaBee” Quick Start User Manual (for Versions 4.x)

User manual for operating “MegaBee” as a standalone communicator

Version: 1.04 (Grey LHS buttons) Size: 375KB

Language: English

Language: Espanol

Language: Francais

Language: Norsk

Language: Português

Language: Svenska

Language: Turkçe

Version: 1.03 (Coloured LHS buttons) Size: 375KB

Language: English


J369 “MegaBee” Software manual

User manual for interfacing “MegaBee” to a computer via Bluetooth to use enhanced features.

Version: 1.04 Size: 1216KB

Language: English

Language: Deutsch

Language: Espanol

Language: Finland

Language: Norway

Language: Português

J369 “MegaBee” Software

Software suite for supporting the vocabulary and display features of “MegaBee”

Version: 2.00b Size: 2730KB

Language: Czech

Language: Deutsch

Language: English

Language: Espana

Language: France

Language: Italia

Language: Nederlands

Language: Norige

Language: Português

Language: Suomi

Language: Sverige

Sample Vocabulary: Czech

Sample Vocabulary: Deutsch

Sample Vocabulary: English

Sample Vocabulary: Espanol

Sample Vocabulary: Francais

Sample Vocabulary: Italiano

Sample Vocabulary: Norsk

Sample Vocabulary: Português

Sample Vocabulary: Suomi

Sample Vocabulary: Svenska


J270 DrX machinery health monitors and process detectors

Installation and wiring instructions for the DrX range.

Version: 1.04 Size: 291K

Language: English


J296 Partial Discharge Monitor - portable

Operating and Installation Manual for the ULTRASCAN portable partial discharge monitor system.

Version: 1.01 Size: 2,423KB

Language: English

J314 Partial Discharge Monitor - fixed

Operating and Installation Manual for the ULTRASCAN online partial discharge monitor system.

Version: 1.00 Size: 1,958KB

Language: English

J311 ULTRASCAN Spark and Leak Detector

User Manual for ULTRASCAN hand-held Spark and Leak Detector.

Version: 1.01 Size: 505KB

Language: English

Version: 1.02 Size: 519KB

Language: Francais


J331 UMAC ultrasonic matrix array controller

User Manual for the laboratory matrix array controller, including upgrade instructions and software implementation.

Version: 1.01 Size: 469KB

Language: English


J331 UMAC support code for windows

Support DLLs for integration into user application code. Also network setup files and utilities. Supplied as a .ZIP file [file link required]

Version: 1.02 Size: 2560KB

Language: English


J373 LANDMARKA low power telemetry system

User manual for installing, configuring and calibrating “LANDMARKA” receivers and transmitters.

Version: 1.00 Size: 469KB

Language: English