vacuum forming
Vacuum Forming - Design, Tooling and Low Volume Production

***** This service is no longer available as 3D printing is a more viable method for small batches *****

E2L Products specialise in low volume vacuum forming for prototyping or very small batch runs. Ideal for bespoke projects, custom enclosures, theatre and television props and accessories, specialist small run packaging, and many more applications where 10ís or 100ís of units would normally be hard to place.

Various tooling options are available allowing us to optimise your costs to suit your budget. For smaller runs, wooden or metalcrete moulds vastly reduce the setting up cost. Porous aluminium and specialised mould materials are used for more complex or durable tasks. We can even take casts of existing objects (copy tooling) if the desired shape already exists.

In-house expertise in CAD solid modelling provides a rapid route to tooling, and we happily work from simple sketches to realise a quality product. Final tooling is fully documented using Solid Works CAD and drawings are supplied with the initial orders. We can also generate website ready renderings of the final product for test marketing,etc.


A wide range of plastics are available in a variety of matt, gloss or textured finishes. Materials used are ABS, HIPS, HDPE, PP, PETG and polycarbonate sheet.

Mould capacity:

Using sheets ranging from 1mm through to 6mm we can provide forms measuring 200mm x 200mm, at a maximum draw depth of 60mm.


Vacuum forms are trimmed and finished on site. Electronic and mechanical assembly can also be undertaken if the final component requires fitting of parts or with trims.

Environmental policy:

All our plastic waste is recycled.