MegaBee in black paint
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MEGABEE™ - also available in black

Some MegaBee™ users have been keen to have their own personalized colour schemes for the body of the unit. Different colours for the moulding are impractical as we need to produce 2.5 tonnes of cases for any one colour of plastic - thats a lot of MegaBees. However, to fulfill the needs we've started a 'custom paint shop' which provides painted MegaBee's to user's requirements.

The most popular request to date has been for a metallic black with a silver sheen to it. Units are already being used in Nottingham Queens and Rookswood Hospitals with very positive feedback. Infact we like the colour change enough to consider it as the standard supply - what do you think?

As the painting process takes a little time, delivery is normally 5 days instead of our usual next day service.

Pictured below is our good friend 'Tinka Mann' modelling the new MegaBee at Swan Craft Studios in Monmouth.

Tinka Mann using the customised black MegaBee electronic writing tablet

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