Swansea burnd fluid calculator
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Burns fluid resuscitation calculator for determining fluid and hydration requirements for severe burns patients

Working in joint collaboration with the Dept. of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care, Morriston Hospital, Welsh Centre for Burns, Swansea, E2L have developed a dedicated calculator for burns hydration calculation.

Whilst protocols such as 'PARKLAND' and 'MUIR & BARCLAY' for defining hydration rates have been with us for several years the new device has the unique ability to validate the user inputs, select the regime, compensate for fluids already administered in A&E or by paramedics, but more importantly the device issues a paper printout which illustrates how the calculations have been carried out, what the workings are, and requires the authority of a doctor to sign them off.

Having a paper trail provides a clear statement of what has been done, and that it is clearly set out for a Doctor to sign off. The paper copy can then be included with the patient notes.

Swansea burn fluid calculator

The design uses a touch screen with sound and pictures as the human interface, utilising error checking input routines to avoid any false data being entered. Clinical evaluation work undertaken by D. Williams and J.Dingley, anaesthetists at Dept of Anaesthetics, Abertawe Bro Morgannwg NHS Trust, Morriston Hospital, Swansea, has confirmed that the electronic device has both speed and more importantly, accuracy, improvements over conventional calculators or nomograms. Addiitonally the data can be checked and signed off by a Doctor, and is available for later audit.

Using a touch screen enables rapid and accurate messaging and simple selection choices. Here are some example screen captures:

Burns fluid calculator opening screen Error screen for low TBSA for PARKLAND/MUIR&BARCLAY methods

typical selection screen regime selection

Go to dedicated site www.burnscalculator.com