DrX Machinery Health Monitors

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A range of very simple, low cost units for detecting change in industrial and process signals. By using a variety of technologies, DrX modules can sense increases in bearing wear, vibration, cavitation, rise and loss of temperature, mechanical knocking, flow verification, leak detection, excessive angle and the positive fitting of detents and assemblies.

Essentially the units indicate change relative to steady-state by means of a red/green light in the module's body, and closing of volt-free contacts. Their use is simplicity itself and the range of applications is enormous.


The available modules are:

  • DrVibe - anti-vibration monitor
  • DrHiss - fluid leak monitor

  • DrCool - temperature monitor

  • DrSonic - audible noise detector

  • DrKnock - mechanical noise detector

  • DrRumble - wear detector

  • DrHeat - temperature rise detector

  • DrFlow - fluid flow verifier

  • DrTilt - tilt & acute angle detector

  • DrSnap - insertion assembly check

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