Ultrascan Spark & Corona Discharge Detectors

This item is no longer manufactured

ULTRASCAN hand-held spark, partial discharge and corona detectors

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Used as both a safety device and a fault finding tool throughout the electricity industry, the ULTRASCAN spark and corona detector provides instant indication of the presence of electrical discharges in electrical plant. It is widely used for the identification of insulation failures, loose busbars and other MV and HV connections, and any general fault condition in and around switchgear.

The ULTRASCAN Spark Detector enables maintenance staff to safely and quickly locate system weak-points and then undertake corrective action such as improved bonding or connection tightening, polishing coronating points, hot washing lines, replacing cracked insulators, etc. The identification of immediate faults leads to a major reduction in outage time and supply interruption.

The ULTRASCAN Spark Detector is designed to provide an easy to use, safe and ergonomic solution to locate arcing. The presence of sparks is indicated by three simple lights on the front panel. A discrete in-ear headset enables the operator to accurately locate the spark and still be able to wear approved ear defenders thus maintaining safety standards. Optional headphones can be provided for less noisy environments.


  • Simple, easy to use controls

  • Audio detection of leaks

  • Simple visual indication of leaks

  • Small, portable, hand-held unit

  • Automatically filters out noise

  • Auto-ranging gain control

  • 30° and 3° waveguide attachments

  • Flexible waveguide attachment

  • Rechargeable batteries

  • Ergonomic design

  • Belt-clip attachment

  • Can be used with a laser pointer

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