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‘MegaBee’ launched in Sweden

The highly focussed ‘ID dagarna’ exhibition for assistive communications held by Hjälpmedelinstitutet www.hi.se at ‘FACTORY’, Nacka Strand, Stockholm was the perfect platform for introducing ‘MegaBee’ hand-held writing tablet to the Swedish market.

Whilst a small exhibition, everyone who is anyone involved with augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) in Sweden attends so the quality of contact was immense. ‘A thoroughly worthwhile venture, which has proved that we have a product filling a definite niche in the assistive communications market’ said Lyndon Owen, MD.

Most AAC products available throughout the world were represented at ID dagarna and provided a solid sounding board as to the uniqueness of MegaBee.

The MegaBee electronic writing tablet ID dagarna at Nacka Strand, Stockholm The Factory, Nacka Strand, Stockholm, Sweden

More information on MegaBee can be found at www.megabee.net