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Dr Who lands at E2L Offices

The directors of the cult science fiction series, Dr Who, currently being filmed by BBC Wales and due for release in 2005, chose the E2L offices as the perfect location for the time-lord to arrive and depart in his Tardis.

Whilst E2L professes ‘quite a good grip’ on modern technologies, we readily admit that the spatial gymnastics of the good doctor’s time machine are a bit beyond us.

However, we did manage to get a rare picture of the Tardis being smaller on the inside than out. Andy Shaw, software director, apparently now has the biggest street credibility with his daughters than any other dad in the galaxy!

The tardis lands outside E2L offices at 19 White Swan Court Monmouth, Wales a novel approach to reducing time space dimension of the doctors vessel cyberman or cyberwoman - no its Terri from the restaurant around the corner