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Simplicity philosophy for Dansk NDT Forening

Innovation in environmental monitoring technology by Monmouth based engineering design consultancy, E2L Limited, is receiving increasing international recognition. Their radical approach to simplifying sensor systems is being widely accepted throughout Scandinavia and Eastern Europe.

Increasing interest in this new technology has resulted in the Nordic Non-Destructive Testing Association to invite E2L, to address their annual conference. This year the conference is hosted by the Danish division of the Association, 'Dansk NDT Forening', and will be staged in the city of Kolding in south-east Jutland. (www.dslsvejs.dk)

The conference is a two day event and covers new aspects of machine and environmental monitoring. The visitors come from throughout the Scandinavian and Nordic regions and cover a wide range of industry sectors.

"I believe we are providing a radically new solution to industrial monitoring tasks, and are both pleased and honored to be invited to present our ideas at such a high profile international event" says Lyndon Owen.




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