Ultrascan Leak Detectors

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ULTRASCAN hand-held leak detectors

UltrascanUltrascan LeakAccumulator

An ergonomically designed hand-held unit which detects leaks in compressed air, vacuum, high pressure gas and steam systems. Extremely simple to use and enables huge cost savings and increases in plant efficiency by accurately and quickly identifying leaks.

The presence of leaks in compressed air, steam, gas and other high-pressure plant has two major consequences: cost and safety.

The cost of producing steam and air is proportional to the amount of losses through leaks; the less a plant leaks, the more efficient it is. Without an active maintenance programme typically 20% of boiler generated steam can be lost through leaks. Similarly the losses through leaks in compressed air pipework can easily account for 33% of the cost in electricity consumption from the compressors.

Safety strategies when dealing with leaks are essential. Super-heated steam and compressed air are often invisible and highly dangerous to personnel working in such environments. The ULTRASCAN Leak Detector is designed to give you a solution to leak/cost and leak/safety issues. It detects leaks by focussing on the ultrasonic noise they generate. From years of experience and product development ULTRASCAN has evolved into the most sensitive instrument of its type and can detect very small holes or cracks in pipework and vessels. The unit also auto-ranges, so the operator is always working at the maximum sensitivity to suit their environment.

The presence of leaks is indicated by three simple lights on the front panel. A discrete in-ear headset enables the operator to accurately listen to the leak and still be able to wear additional ear defenders; increasing operator safety and maintaining safety standards.



  • Simple, easy to use controls

  • Audio detection of leaks

  • Simple visual indication of leaks

  • Small, portable, hand-held unit

  • Automatically filters out noise

  • Auto-ranging gain control

  • 30° and 3° waveguide attachments

  • Flexible waveguide attachment

  • Rechargeable batteries

  • Ergonomic design

  • Belt-clip attachment

  • Can be used with a laser pointer

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