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FAB the Frenchay Alphabet Board is launched;

An E2L and NHS joint venture product, the Frenchay Alphabet Board (FAB) is released. It allows people who have difficulty talking and pointing accurately to greatly enhance their communication by providing a positive locating, non-slip, washable alphabet board.

Whilst a simple, low technology device, FAB provides a means of positive location of the fingers when spelling out words. This provides great benefit to users with conditions such as Parkinson's Disease or similar poor motor control situations. Details of the device can be found at and the units will be available from September 2009 onwards.

Four varieties of FAB are available; 'Tabletop' and 'Pocket', either of which can be supplied in a QWERTY or matrix layout. The product is designed to be supplied in any european language and has various character sets.

FAB has an extremely wide user base ranging from critical care units with traceotemy patients through to nursing homes, day centres, hospices, motor degenerative associations, libraries and as backup for users of higher technology devices

rapid prototype of the Frenchay Alphabet Board FAB

More information on FAB can be found at