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Camera trap design for Meta Films Limited

Extreme environment filming specialists, Meta Films, who create travel guides, film documentaries, cover sporting events, and wildlife shoots in the most rugged of situations, have commissioned E2L to develop their prototype camera trap into a production ready unit.

Its not often that the specification includes "bear and walrus proof" but the type of remote locations that this equipment is destined for demands rugged and reliable design implementation

Originally the proof of concept model was produced by Meta Films themselves but needed the design taking forwards into a commercial product which could be reliably manufactured, and would cope with the situations and locations that the film crews find themselves in; from the Sahara to the Arctic.

Meta Films expertise in filming remote and difficult locations

From a technical perspective one of the greatest challenges was to produce a cost effective product in smaller batch quantities which could be consistently produced. The benefits of our ISO9001 certified design process ensured that this optimum path between cost/performance/production could be achieved without compromise.

Nick Guy of Meta Films explained, “One month we may have the prospect of lying in the freezing surf of South Georgia trying to avoid being crushed by Sea Elephants when they [eventually] beach, the next month we could have the relatively milder task of trying to photograph beavers in Scotland; either way the shoots count and a reliable and rugged camera trap is a great asset“.

Most of these Camera Traps are destined for the professional hire market for users such as the BBC, Channel4, S4C, etc.