E2L Products

E2L design and manufacture a number of proprietary products. Extensive information can be gained by following the links below or in the menu at left, where you can access datasheets, manuals, application notes and presentations.

LANDMARKA low power telemetry system for the utilities industry

E2L Landmarka product

Built on a 20 year pedigree in the UK water and utilities industries, LANDMARKA is built on solid principles of ease of use, rapid deployment and wide customer acceptance for OEMs and end-users alike. LANDMARKA is a low cost alternative to cabling for industrial signals over distances up to 10km.

ULTRASCAN hand-held leak detectors

ULTRASCAN hand-held leak detectors

An ergonomically designed hand-held unit which detects leaks in compressed air, vacuum, high pressure gas and steam systems. Extremely simple to use and enables huge cost savings and increases in plant efficiency by accurately and quickly identifying leaks.

ULTRASCAN hand-held spark and corona leak detectors

ULTRASCAN spark detectors

Used as both a safety device and a fault finding tool throughout the electricity industry, the ULTRASCAN spark and corona detector provides instant indication of the presence of electrical discharges in electrical plant. It is widely used for the identification of insulation failures, loose busbars and other MV and HV connections, and any general fault condition in and around switchgear.

ULTRASCAN partial discharge monitors

Ultrascan partial discharge detector

The ULTRASCAN partial discharge and corona monitoring system is an instrument specifically developed to detect early faults in air-insulated switchboards and MV & HV electric plant. It was developed in conjunction with maintenance engineers and plant management to assist in the correct identification of faults in order to prevent power drop-outs and catastrophic failures.

MEGABEE electronic writing tablet [www.megabee.net]
MegaBee electronic writing tablet

MegaBee electronic hand-held writing tablet for people who have lost the ability to speak coherently and write legibly. Easy to use and rapid to deploy, the MegaBee provides convenient and frequent means of communication between carer and patient, much enhancing lifestyle and improving both levels of care and self esteem.

UMAC ultrasonic matrix array controller

UMAC Ultrasonic Matrix Array Controller

A 2-into-256 multiplexer for routing signals under direct PC control in ultrasonic pulse-echo applications, the UMAC was developed for laboratories, universities and other research establishments working with ultrasonic pulse-echo techniques where there is a requirement for multiple matrix array excitation.

DrX machinery health monitors

DrX Machinery Health Monitors

A range of very simple, low cost units for detecting change in industrial and process signals. By using a variety of technologies, DrX modules can sense increases in bearing wear, vibration, cavitation, rise and loss of temperature, mechanical knocking, flow verification, leak detection, excessive angle and the positive fitting of detents and assemblies.