About E2L

E2L Holdings Limited

E2L Holdings Limited are electronic product engineers with two divisions: design consultants and product sales.

E2L Limited

The design company, E2L Limited, offer a range of design skills in electronic hardware and embedded software, mechanical, biochemical, and industrial engineering. Formed in 1998, the consultants have decades of experience and a dedication to quality. They have collectively covered a wide spectrum of industry sectors, client profiles, work definitions, technologies and methodologies.

E2L have received various awards for original thinking and have an inhouse philosophy of design simplicity. We have been recognised as ‘Ambassadors for Innovation’ by the Welsh Assembly Government, as well as being winners of a SMART-Wales award.

Our customer base ranges from multinationals down to individuals with ‘a great idea’. Our commercial approach similarly encompasses a wide range of options from fixed price product development through to joint venture or even product rescue with licencing arrangements.

Our clients include NHS, ACCO-REXEL group, Joy Mining Machinery, Securicor, RJB Mining, Honeywell (USA), MOD, United Biscuits, Vattenfall (Sweden), Scottish Power, MANWEB, Bristol University, AWRE Aldermaston, Palmer Environmental, and many more smaller ventures and companies with non-disclosure agreements.

E2L Limited are approved design consultants for Microchip Inc Arizona Micro.


Examples of some projects we have undertaken can be found by clicking here.

E2L Products Limited

The group manufactures and markets its own products through E2L Products Limited. These tend to be innovative new solutions offering unique approaches to industrial, medical, communication and laboratory equipments. Our product philosophy makes all our devices easy to learn and simple to use; technology is used to ease operations, not complicate them.

Additionally E2L Products can undertake contract vacuum forming for small batch runs.

Our product line can be be overviewed by clicking here, where there are links to more detailed data.

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