Ultrascan Partial Discharge Monitors

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The ULTRASCAN partial discharge and corona monitoring system is an instrument specifically developed to detect early faults in air-insulated switchboards and MV & HV electric plant.

It was developed in conjunction with maintenance engineers and plant management to assist in the correct identification of faults in order to prevent power drop-outs and catastrophic failures.

A major feature of these instruments is that they are designed for partial discharge location in order to address the specific problem areas and improve maintenance efficiency - they are not analytical devices requiring high levels of training or data analysis.

Use of this equipment increases both electricity supply integrity and customer satisfaction, whilst it improves maintenance quality, and reduces maintenance cost. Partial Discharge causes damage to high and medium voltage contacts. When a small corona discharge occurs the air dissociates into nitrogen and oxygen, and then recombines as nitric acid - the end result for the equipment is that it corrodes away; the end result for the consumer is that the lights go out; and for the supplier, emergency maintenance has to be undertaken and costs go up. Partial Discharge occurring in service comes as a result of ageing, operational stresses and minor imperfections in manufacture becoming more significant with time. It also causes high voltage cables to burst from EMF induced stress.

Without information on the condition of contacts, electricity companies use routine time-interval maintenance which is expensive, and also the quality of maintenance is indeterminate. E2L have developed monitoring equipment specifically for the management of PD driven maintenance.

Close working with UK based power distributors have proven ultrasonics to be a successful solution over other methodologies. The innovative translation of E2L's knowledge base to this particular problem has solved a long-term detection problem as well as providing radical cost savings in the maintenance operations of such plant

ULTRASCAN partial discharge monitors in both their fixed and portable forms are used by electricity generators and distributors and the UK, as well as crucial supply monitoring from major electricity users.

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