UMAC -Ultrasonic Matrix Array Controller

This item is no longer manufactured


A 2-into-256 multiplexer for routing signals under direct PC control in ultrasonic pulse-echo applications, the UMAC was developed for laboratories, universities and other research establishments working with ultrasonic pulse-echo techniques where there is a requirement for multiple matrix array excitation. The UMAC provides an automatic means of switching two ultrasonic excitation channels exclusively into any two of 256 routes. Computer control is via a 10BaseT Ethernet link running TCP/IP protocol. The instrument is provided as a standalone 19” rack system which can be interfaced directly to commercial pulse-echo investigation equipment.

Full software utilities are provided for driving the UMAC from the user’s own application programs. Examples of implementation are provided in BASIC and C and are freely downloadable from this site.

The maximum configured system is capable of addressing up to 256 routes. However, a starter system of any multiple of 16 routes provides cost effective expansion options to the user. Expansion is achieved by installing additional PCB cards of 16 routes capacity each. For systems in excess of 128 routes an additional 19” enclosure is required.

UMAC: Product Specification

  • Signal I/O: 2 channel A & B. 50ohm BNC with isolated earths. 100V pulse capability.
  • Bandwidth: DC to 50MHz
  • Switching capability: Either channel into 256 routes (mutually exclusive)
  • Switch connection: Centronics 36way, 16 switches/connector, common earth
  • Off channel isolation: 400V
  • Display: Power LED, 10BaseT status LEDS. A & B ‘ON' LEDS
  • I/O: RS232 interface for PC configuration
  • 10BaseT connection (RJ45) for network via hub.
  • Power: 240/120V AC 2A fuse via filtered IEC inlet
  • Enclosure: Standalone 19" rack system. 180 x 430 x 535mm
  • Weight: 11kg (full system)
  • Environmental: IP33

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