LANDMARKA low power telemetry system for the utilities industry

Landmarka TX

Built on a 20 year pedigree in the UK water and utilities industries, LANDMARKA is built on solid principles of ease of use, rapid deployment and wide customer acceptance for OEMs and end-users alike. LANDMARKA is a low cost alternative to cabling for industrial signals over distances up to 10km.

LANDMARK low power radio telemetry

All units are available for licence free operation throughout Europe and require minimal radio knowledge to use.

Landmarka transmitters use low power consumption techniques allowing remote stations to be operated from solar cells or wind generators. A wide range of industrial instrument signals are catered for and all units are capable of being set-up and calibrated without the use of a laptop/notebook or other form of computing or terminal device.

LANDMARKA is available as complete systems for direct site installation or as OEM modules for system building.


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