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Product Feature

BLYS; Night light platform for the elderly


BLYS nightlight for dementia alzhiemers alzheimers and the eledery

Blys™ is a sleek, modern light source designed with the specific needs of elderly people. Winners of the 'Building Better Healthcare' Awards, Blys™ can be used as a nightlight or gentle bedroom lighting, and enables access to essential personal possessions during the night, aiding peace of mind and restful sleep.

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Product Feature

Simple Music Player for Dementia

dementai dementia alzheimer alzhiemer music musci
E2L developed the ’Simple Music Player for Dementia’ with supporting research from the Bath Institute of Medical Engineering (BIME).

Visit the Dementia Music website...

Product Feature

MegaBee™ Electronic Writing Tablet


MegaBee electronic writing tablet

MegaBee™ is a simple-to-use writing tablet to aid frequent communication with a variety of medical patients.

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Project Feature

"ShakerScope" Batteryless Laryngoscope

ShakerScope is a novel new medical innovation which eliminates the need for batteries used in conventional laryngoscopes.

Read more about E2L's involvement in the project....

Product Feature

BUT - Bristol Urodynamics Trainer


Bristol Urodynamics Trainer

A joint collaboration with the NHS provides a manufacturer independant training simulator for urodynamics investigations

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Project Feature

FAB - Frenchay Alphabet Board

FAB Frenchay alphabet board

An improved antimicrobial, finger locating, non-slip alphabet board for people with tremor conditions

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