A contemporary DAB+/DAB/FM radio designed for easy use



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Radio - clear and simple. A radio designed for easy use at www.kotoradio.com

Easyto use

The simplest of controls to avoid complexity and confusion


Designed to be a familiar and stylish household object


Low energy and maintenance free; easily cleaned and robust

Clear and simple radio

A radio specifically designed for easy use for those who find modern devices over complex and difficult to control.
Listening to the radio should be an easy pastime for everyone. We've developed the KOTO radio to be as simple as possible for the user, stripping away the complexities of modern devices but retaining the quality of DAB/FM broadcasting.

Main Features:
  • Single button channel selection
  • LCD screen with backlight
  • Hidden setup controls
  • Retro design but modern functionality
  • Headphone socket
  • Bluetooth audio streaming
  • 24 hour clock with automatic update


The Koto Radio is designed by E2L, world market leaders in music products specifically developed the senior population and those with physical or cognitive difficulties.

Whilst providing many of the benefits of modern DAB/FM functionality, after the unit is initially setup, normal everyday operation is simple:

Top down view of KOTO easy to use radio

legend to KOTO easy to use radio

The design is focussed on simplicity for the day-to-day user

Available now from our Online store

Here's a video of normal everyday operation

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Recent News

Nordic countries are loving Koto DAB radio
Orders from Norway, Sweden and Denmark this month are welcoming Koto DAB radios enthusiastically.
Australia commitment to Koto DAB radio
A big shoutout to Health Management Group in Queensland - KOTO Radios downunder.
UK Alzheimers Society stocking Koto radios
Pleased to announce that he UK's Alzheimers Society are stocking KOTO Radios.
Koto radio now available
Our first batch of KOTO Radios are now available from our Online store.
KOTO radio presented to key players at NAIDEX and the "Dementia Care and Nursing Expo" at the NEC. Distribution deal agreed.
Koto radio inspection approved
Pleased to announce that our first major production batch has passed its all quality approvals and testing requirements.
UK Retailers
Postive meetings towards developing retail 'senior aisle' products.

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