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MegaBee™ Technical Details

Eye blink, therefore I am ...
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Family: MegaBee™
Product: MegaBee Writing Tablet.
Description: Electronic Hand-Held Writing Tablet.
Size: H=430mm W=300mm D=40mm [A3 size].
Weight: 950grammes.
Screen : Blue LCD 20 characters x 2 lines, scrolling buffer.
Character buffer: 600 characters (= 30 lines at 20 characters per line)
Material: Cleanable ABS with nanotechnology antimicrobial silver additive. Microban labels.
Power: Re-chargeable batteries [charger supplied] for 24hr operation on a full charge.
Connectivity: Bluetooth® supplied with support software.

Carry case supplied


The tablet has been designed to require minimal learning both for the reader and writer - letter selection is achieved by looking at the letter and blinking, then looking at the block which is the same colour as the selected letter.

For an interactive simulator of the writing tablet in Flash format please click here.

For example the letter ‘K’ would be selected by looking first at the blue block where the letter K is located and blinking (the carer then presses the blue button), then, as the letter ‘K’ is black, the user looks at the black block and blinks (the carer presses the black button and the letter ‘K’ appears on the screen).

Similar protocols exist for deleting text and adding spaces, as well as accessing various menu functions such as bluetooth, contrast, scrolling and other housekeeping facilities. There is an LCD display on each side of the tablet, visible to reader and writer.

A powerful vocabulary facility is also provided which provides abbreviations for frequently used words. This allows users to compile their own set of shorthand words or phrases which can be uploaded at will. For example ‘T2’ might assigned to ‘Television’, or ‘H1’ means ‘I am too hot’. These phrases can be changed to suit varying situations such as bed care, mobility, or in the case of ward supervision, can be changed for different users.

For people with low literacy and very limited communication ability, MegaBee can operate in a picture mode, where pictures, photographs, symbols or drawings can be used as the communication medium. The choice of picture is entirely up to the user and can be generated at home with a simple colour printer.


MegaBee supports a wide variety of languages and is constantly under langugae revision. If you're language is not on the list below we would be happy to talk to you

  • Czech
  • Dansk
  • Deutsch
  • English
  • Español
  • Flemish
  • Français
  • Greek
  • Hebrew
  • Italiano
  • Nederlands
  • Norsk
  • Português
  • Suomi
  • Svenska
  • Turkçe

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Some MegaBee Users .....

Nottingham Queens University NHS Trust, St Johns Hospice Lancaster, Forth Valley NHS Trust Falkirk, Frenchay NHS Hospital Bristol, Philadelphia Chapter of ALS association of USA, Southwark NHS Trust, Isle of Wight MND Association,.....