MegaBee™ Writing Tablet

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Software for MegaBee is free to download. Using this software on a personal computer running windows will enable you to:

  • Display and save text on the computer screen as it typed on a MegaBee
  • Transfer and save text abbreviations from the computer
  • Transfer and save symbol and picture abbreviations from the computer

You can download the computer software by clicking on the required version below and saving the file when prompted to by your system.

Be sure to download the correct software for your version!!!

To identify your version, power up your MegaBee and the version number will be displayed on the LCD for about two seconds in the form "V 4.2".


Some MegaBee Users .....

Nottingham Queens University NHS Trust, St Johns Hospice Lancaster, Forth Valley NHS Trust Falkirk, Frenchay NHS Hospital Bristol, Philadelphia Chapter of ALS association of USA, Southwark NHS Trust, Isle of Wight MND Association,.....