About us

Our company

We are an award winning UK based product design company and manufacturer, based in Wales, who work closely with clinicians and research institutes to provide niche products which fulfil specialist needs. We have had two of our dementia products selected by the Smithsonian Design Museum in New York, USA. We have been operational since 1998.

E2L Products Limited

The group manufactures and markets its own products through E2L Products Limited. These tend to be innovative new solutions offering unique approaches to industrial, medical, communication and laboratory equipment. Our product philosophy makes all our devices easy to learn and simple to use; technology is used to ease operations, not complicate them.

E2L have received various awards for original thinking and have an in-house philosophy of design simplicity. We have been recognised as ‘Ambassadors for Innovation’ by the Welsh Assembly Government, as well as being winners of a SMART-Wales award.

Our customer base ranges from multinationals down to individuals with ‘a great idea’. Our commercial approach similarly encompasses a wide range of options from fixed price product development through to joint venture or even product rescue with licencing arrangements.

More information is available from www.e2l.uk.com