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Radio - clear and simple. A radio designed for easy use at www.kotoradio.com

A Radio designed for easy use

As music devices become more and more complex there is a need for an easy to use radio without any compromise in reception. Many people prefer simple devices so we have designed the KOTO Radio with very basic controls for everyday use. These consist of an ON/OFF button, a choice of 3 radio channels (set up for the users own preference) and a volume knob.
To achieve this we have styled a DAB+/FM radio with a retro look so that it is instantly recognisable as something which plays music. It has a minimum amount of controls for normal operation, and a hidden set of controls for setting up the radio after purchase.
The everyday controls are:

KOTO easy radio power
The black button on the far left of the radio switches the power ON or OFF.
The Radio will start operating, tuned to the last selected channel.
KOTO easy radio channel selection
Pressing one of the three beige buttons will select one of three pre-programmed radio channels previously selected during set-up

KOTO easy radio volume
Volume is changed using the knob on the right hand side of the player.
The knob has deep grooves so it is easy to grip for people with limited hand or finger movement
KOTO easy radio power
KOTO easy radio power
The radio has a LCD display which shows the radio channel and programme when it is playing, and the time and date when it is switched off

Setting up the Radio

Setting up can be undertaken by friends, family, carers, or anyone with a bit of a technical aptitude.
This is normally a one time operation.

KOTO easy radio menu access
KOTO easy radio menu selection
The set-up controls are hidden away under a secret panel.
This is removed for setup simply by sliding to the left.
Replacing the panel after set up ensures that nothing will be changed in advertently during everyday use.
For instructions on setting up the radio click on the ’Setting up’ tab.


Normal use: Setting up:

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