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FAB™ - Frenchay Alphabet Board

positive finger location A unique alphabet board offering:

  • Positive finger location for letter selection
  • Washable and hygienic design
  • E.Coli and MRSA resistant
  • Non-slip neoprene rubber base
  • Nano-technology silver loaded antimicrobial keyboard
  • Spill-proof
  • Choice of sizes and layouts


The FAB™ (Frenchay Alphabet Board) has been developed in conjunction with the UK’s National Health Service to provide a patient driven solution. From years of experience Speech and Language therapists have defined their needs for a non-slip, washable, hygienic, positive location alphabet board - FAB™ provides all these solutions!


cleanable letter locations Any person who is literate but is unable to speak. This may be due to vocal cord damage, swallowing difficulties, tracheotomy, stroke, MS, MND, ALS, Rett syndrome, dyspraxia, Parkinsons disease, or people with general communication problems, ventilation or speech difficulties. It is also a useful spelling device when trying to talk to people with hearing problems.

FAB is a useful emergency back-up for users of higher technology equipment such as eye-tracking of text to speech devices. Having no batteries it is always available.


FAB provides a communication solution for Nursing Homes, Day Centres, Critical Care Units, Schools, Libraries, Hospices, Private homes, Health Visitors, in fact any situation where people need to interact and vocal communication has been impaired. It is completely mobile and can be used anytime, anywhere. small and large scale alphabet board

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