Arthur - musical teddy bear for improving cognizance and engagement


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Comforting and engaging, 'Arthur', combines the profound benefits of targetted music with sensory and tactile feedback, and the engagement of something to be cherished and cared for.

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  • 'Arthur' is a combination of our experiences of the benefits of music for people with cognizant challenges, such as dementia, learning difficulties and autism, combined with widely accepted advantages offered by 'doll therapy'. The care and interaction with a comforting soft toy provides a path to unlocking strong maternal instincts or feelings of security, and provides both activity and self worth, whilst the music increases awareness and interaction.

  • The most important thing is for Arthur to have the right tunes for the person with the cognitive challenges. These tend to be songs that have special meaning from their younger, often teenage, years. He has a very large memory (4GB) which can typically hold 1500-2000 tunes, but this is far more than most people need.

  • Arthur's left hand paw has a switch inside it - the “paws button”. Give it a squeeze and you will feel a small click. This will start or stop the music, and is the only the control you will normally use on a day-to-day basis.  The music is programmed to play in a random order

  • 'Arthur' is Light Brown/Beige, weighs 1kg, and 38cm (Ear to Toe), 36cm (Paw to Paw), 13cm (Tum to Tail)

  • Arthur has very tactile fur made from 'terry cloth'. This is soft cotton based material, and has proven to be the favourite texture. Also to be extra safe, Arthur's eyes are embroidered, not buttons.
    To make Arthur that bit more cosy, he's put some extra weight on around his hips so he can sit more comfortably and feel like a bear of substance.

  • Batteries not included - he needs 4 x AA alkaline batteries
  • More details at Arthur's website