Platzmat™ - Blue - Non-slip table-setting place mat for Dementia


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A non-slip table-setting place mat for people with Dementia

Setting the table is a task which is low risk and yet engages with the homebuilding instinct, so strong in many women with Dementia

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Antimicrobial FDA food safe
Simple to use YES
non-slip YES
washable YES

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Platzmat™ - simple activity engagement

Setting the table is one of those tasks which is low risk and yet engages with the mothering instinct, so strong in many women with Dementia.

Engagement in ’mothering’ or ’help around the home’ type of tasks are beneficial, and this place mat enables another simple and worthwhile activity promoting self-worth and satisfaction.

As part of the care process to sustain active engagement of women with Alzheimer’s, many homes encourage female residents to assist with household activities, one of which is cooking. As the effects of dementia increase then the kitchen becomes an unfit environment to engage in and alternative “normal household tasks“ are encouraged, in order to maintain self-worth and fulfilment. One of these tasks being to lay the table; the problem being that people forget how to.

Its purpose is to encourage continuing engagement of people with Alzheimer’s in laying the table whilst providing clues to aid the failing memory. This is simply achieved by producing a non-slip place mat which has high contrast pictograms of where the plates, cups, and cutlery go, thus providing both a guide as to how to lay the table properly and also to maintain an active and worthwhile activity for the dementia resident.


Size: 378mm x 304mm x 1.1mm (14.9“ x 12.0“ x 0.04“)
Material: Silicon Rubber with internal reinforcement with single colour printing
Washable: Wipe clean or can withstand high temperature dishwashing
Durable, long lasting and heat resistant
Slip resistant on both surfaces providing a grip on table and crockery
Non-toxic, Latex free and chemically inert, completely safe for contact with food
Product supplied in individual polythene bags
High contrast printing in Light Red, Royal Blue or Light Green

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