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Based on solid research, people with dementia want to listen to music but are unable to use conventional means because its too complicated to operate. 'Simple Music Player' is designed to overcome these problems and immediately improves quality of life 


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Dementia research has been undertaken by the Bath Institute of Medical Engineering (BIME) which indicates the benefits of providing people who have dementia with music they enjoy. Verbal communication is often difficult due to short term memory loss but improving the quality of life at home, and avoiding institutional structures, is greatly enhanced by providing music from earlier years.
The problem being that many with early stage dementia find controls difficult to remember or manipulate.

E2L have developed a 'Simple Music Player' which is operated by lifting its lid, which automatically switches it on, and plays a tune. If a new tune is required then there is a single BIG button to skip to the next track.
The volume is set by friends, family, or carers, and isn't easy to accidentally change. Similarly the tunes are selected and downloaded via a USB link from a Windows, Apple or Linux PC.