Burns Fluid Resuscitation Calculator


New product

A dedicated calculator for determining correct burns fluid resuscitation which improves speed, reduces human error and provides and audit trail

• PARKLAND and MUIR & BARCLAY formula support
• Touch screen input with input error validation
• Administered fl uid error correction
• Printed output for patient notes
• Keystroke data logging

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£600.00 tax incl.

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The clinical requirement for such a device comes from the error prone methods currently used such as hand calculation, nomograms, or Apps, and their lack of accountability.

Protocols such as ‘PARKLAND’ and ‘MUIR & BARCLAY’ for defining fluid resuscitation rates are well established but this new device has the ability to validate the user inputs, select the regime,
compensate for fluids already administered, and importantly the device issues a paper printout detailing the calculations, what the workings are, and requiring a qualified clinician to sign them off.
Having a paper trail provides a clear statement of what’s been done, and is clearly set out for a registrar or clinician to verify. The paper copy can be included in the patient notes.

The design uses a touch screen with sound and pictures as the human
interface, utilising error checking input routines to avoid any false data entry.