Urodynamics Trainer


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An affordable, manufacturer-independent tool for frequent practical instruction in urodynamic techniques.

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£600.00 tax incl.

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Height 700mm
Weight 4kg
USB powered YES

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The International Continence Society (ICS) stipulates that its accredited courses should be free of specific manufacturer involvement.

The trainer provides all the standard features found on any urodynamics machine.

  • Setting reference level
  • Correct tap positions
  • Setting zero
  • Cough (good, poor, absent)
  • Correct resting pressure
  • Leak in line
  • React to flush

A supervisor can artificially introduce signals corresponding to water leaks and air bubbles by switches on the rear of the device, hidden from the trainee's view.

Comes complete with the necessary software for a computer running windows operating systems and USB interface.

More information is available at www.urodynamicstrainer.com