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Find out more about our MegaBee™ writing tablet and see photos by clicking here.

MegaBee™ Writing Tablet

Eye blink, therefore I am ...


Please note: MegaBee™ is a simple device and should be quite easy to set up and operate. These application and trouble shooting notes tend to arise from particular requests with the ever changing nature of Windows software and how it interfaces with other third party devices. Direct contact with your distributor should solve your basic problems.


Two manuals are available which should cover the vast majority of your queries:


MegaBee version 4.00 and later all have the capacity to use 'pictures' or 'symbols'.


MegaBee is issued with a sample vocabulary for each language. If you want to reload any of these or use them as a starting abbreviation list simply download them from the list below.
(If you have made a list for a specific environment or condition, why not let us have a copy and we can share it here)


If you do run into any implementation difficulties, particularly with BlueTooth on VISTA the following application notes shold help. Please be sure to check your MegaBee version number to see which notes are applicable to you - this is found on the lower line of MegaBee display after powering up:


Some MegaBee Users .....

Nottingham Queens University NHS Trust, St Johns Hospice Lancaster, Forth Valley NHS Trust Falkirk, Frenchay NHS Hospital Bristol, Philadelphia Chapter of ALS association of USA, Southwark NHS Trust, Isle of Wight MND Association,.....